What is a Transition Initiative and Why Do We Need One?

Transition: a passing from one condition, form, activity, place, etc., to another

Initiative: the act of taking the first step or move

Our Mission: to begin the process that will enable our community to survive and thrive despite the challenges of climate change, economic instability and the end of cheap oil.

Reduction in fossil fuel availability is inevitable.  Gasoline and heating oil are not the only things at risk.  Some other items in our home made from oil are: aspirin, brushes, carpets, contact lenses, CDs, DVDs, foam mattresses, glue, hair gel, lipstick, paints, plastic bottles, polyester, shoe polish, sticky tape (from The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins).

Climate change has made weather patterns less predictable and often more severe, adversely affecting food production.

Increased severity and occurrences of floods, storms and wildfires have damaged or destroyed whole communities.

Our economy is based on the false premise of the never-ending availability of natural resources.

Governments at all levels have not yet focused on the situation and are doing little, if anything, to provide help or solutions.

Being prepared is better than being taken by surprise.  Knowing what is coming will enable us to plan ahead for change.

We have to act together, locally, and we have to Act NOW!

For more information about the Beechwood Transition Initiative (BTI), please send an email to: beechwoodtransition@gmail.com